Top Five Movies About Girls’ Getaways

Our latest episode, Girls’ Trips: Yay or Nay?, debates the pros and cons of girls’ getaways. No matter how you feel about them, you have to agree that there are some amazing movies about girls’ trips. Whether you’re getting ready for your next ladies’ trip or reminiscing about your last one, these movies are sure to entertain.

(A common thread between these movies is road trips. For more on planning your own road trip, check out an episode from earlier in season 2, How to Road Trip With Meryl Williams.)

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S2E9: Girls’ Trips – Yay or Nay?


From a bachelorette party full of judgy alpacas to a friends’ weekend of post-election healing, girls’ getaways take many shapes and forms. Kathy and Ines expose the good, the bad and the ugly about girls’ trips, along with a little help from their listeners. Need help planning your next girls’ vacation? We have tips for that, too!

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Special thanks to Kim Nelson from Drinkers With Writing Problems for letting us share her hilarious bachelorette party story of suspicious alpacas, dirty golden doodles & Diet Coke. You can read it in its entirety here.

Thanks also to travel blogger Kelly Glynn of Fantasy Aisle for sharing her story about how to manage a girls’ trips of 11 ladies in the City of Sin.

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Where to Eat in Lima: 2017 Edition

My humble country has been experiencing a tourist boom of such proportions that the first thing that pops into my mind when I see another article, blog post or story on the subject is Zoolander’s Mugatu. We’re so hot right now! When travel lovers find out I’m from Peru, they invariably start gushing about it. The first thing people usually ask me about is Macchu Picchu. Frankly, I can offer them little advice on how to get there. Last time I ventured around those parts, all you needed to do was hop on a train and purchase a ticket at the entrance. The process is a tad more complicated now, to say the least.

The second thing they’ll ask me about is restaurant recommendations. This is where I truly shine.

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S2E8: Travel Goals and Listener Questions

tWe invited listeners to submit their 2017 travel goals, along with questions on how to achieve them, and the listeners delivered! From space travel to visiting Cuba, dealing with language barriers to logistics of around-the-world trips, the ladies of XX, Will Travel dispense advice gleaned from their years of travel experience, as well as copious research. We also share our own travel plans for the year ahead.

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Correction: Ines was so excited about Amsterdam that she kept babbling on about the Dalí Museum when she really meant the Van Gogh Museum. She apologizes for her mental lagoon. On the other hand, it was quite fitting for the city at hand. 

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Top 5 Episodes of 2016


This was a banner year for the ladies of XX, Will Travel. We took our first trip together to beautiful Louisville, KY! We celebrated our second season with a live podcast recording (sort of)! And we had the chance to meet and interact with our listeners (which will definitely happen more often in 2017)!

We look forward to the year ahead and bringing you the best in independent women’s travel stories. Big things are in the works, so thanks for coming along for the ride by listening and supporting us.

Until then, you can catch up on our top five episodes of 2016 after the jump.

Happy holidays and go forth and travel!

Ines and Kathy

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S2E7: Road Trips with Meryl Williams



In this episode, writer, podcaster and queen of the road Meryl Williams discusses the essentials of the great American road trip. So stock up on car snacks, make some playlists, and join us for the ride! Listen on Podbean or iTunes.

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Where the Hell is Matt? (Video of the man who danced his way around the world)

Wall Drug


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Meet Meryl Williams, Road Trip Maven and Fellow Podcaster



Meet Meryl Williams! Meryl is a writer based in Columbus, Ohio who previously lived in Chicago and Portland, Oregon. She’s documenting her experiences playing roller derby via her TinyLetter. You can find her at and on Twitter @MerylWilliams.

Meryl is also the host of the podcast The Sleeper Hit where guests talk about what’s underrated, over drinks! You can subscribe on iTunes.

Find out more about Meryl after the jump:

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