A Travel Manifesto


The two of us have a lot in common. We suffer from Middle Child Syndrome. (It’s a thing, promise). We bear the hilarious burdens of Catholic upbringings. We like performing and telling stories in front of live audiences, mostly because they provided a limited time slot in which people pay attention to us…so we can later lurk in the background, where we feel a bit more comfortable. But the thing that might unite us the most is our love for independent travel. And in that aspect of our life we are fearless.

Which is why we decided to start the XX, Will Travel podcast. We realized that, despite the major advances women have made in recent history, traveling alone can still be seen as taboo. We want to challenge the perception of female travel as a scary and foolish endeavor, and show instead the enriching life experience it can be.

When it comes to independent women’s travel, we believe:

  • The holy trinity of independent women’s travel is curiosity, confidence and comfortable shoes.
  • Society teaches women to fear; travel teaches them self-reliance.
  • When people act astonished by a solo woman traveler, respond kindly – you might be an inspiration.
  • Don’t wait around for people who “don’t have time” to travel.
  • It doesn’t matter if you travel to the neighboring county or the neighboring continent – just go.
  • The best travel tools are research, common sense, and your gut.
  • Do it for the story – write it down and retell often.
  • Dining alone won’t kill you, it’ll get you free dessert from sympathetic waiters.
  • The cure to wanderlust is more passport stamps.
  • Repeat frequently for maximum impact.

Our upcoming podcast will empower any woman who dreams of a getaway by providing helpful travel tips, focusing on some of our favorite destinations, and sharing our own stories of being in far-flung exotic locals…or the next county over.

Want to find out more? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more travel inspiration. We’ll also be posting podcast updates on our blog, along with other interesting tidbits that will feed your wanderlust.

Live in the Chicago area? Us too! Then we cordially invite you to our launch party, which will be held in late May. Details TBD.

Happy Travels!

Kathy and Ines

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