Scenes from an Irish Pub: XX, Will Travel’s Launch Party

Last Thursday, we had our podcast launch party at Celtic Crown in Chicago. Our live music was courtesy of the extraordinary duo White Mule. Look out for their new album on CD Baby. For storytelling, Kathy, Ines, and I were joined by the lovely and multi-talented Elizabeth Gomez. We had travel trivia where the winners left with prizes like tickets from Music Box Theatre, iO Theater, free day passes from Divvy, and a travel journal.

We also had the amazing Damian Raszewski take some fabulous pictures.

We are so thankful to everyone who came out for a night of storytelling, music, and unlimited high-fives.

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One thought on “Scenes from an Irish Pub: XX, Will Travel’s Launch Party

  1. So, I commented on the pictures when I meant to comment HERE so my dear friend Kathy could read it!! I am SO proud and SO excited for you and think you are just the most adventurous, strong, and confident woman! I love this blog, love the podcast, and love that you love what you are doing. I will continue to live vicariously through you!! Smooches!!

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