Episode 6: Oh, Canada: A Tribute to Our Neighbor to the North

In this jam-packed (maple-syrup-packed?) episode, we share why we are hopelessly devoted to the Great White North. Liberal social policies and breathtaking natural beauty are only some of the reasons we are cuckoo for canucks from Montreal to Vancouver – there’s also beer, Margaret Atwood, and Kyna’s Grandpa Euclid! Download the episode (right click and save) for insider tips and advice to make the most out of your next Canada adventure.


2 thoughts on “Episode 6: Oh, Canada: A Tribute to Our Neighbor to the North

  1. Just listened to my first episode. Had to pick this one because Canadians love it when others talk about them. Fun discussion about all things Canadians and I was tickled to hear the comments about my hometown, Winnipeg. One quibble I had is that Winnipeg winters (yes, very cold) also have fun festivals including one that celebrates the early voyageurs. There is also a restaurant and art gallery in town that partner to put on a gourmet dinner featuring international chefs in a pop-up restaurant on the river … in JANUARY. Yay winter!:)

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    • Thanks for the tips! So glad you enjoyed the episode. Canadians definitely how to do winter right!



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