Episode 11: How to Plan a Trip From Scratch: Choosing a Place


Travel gurus aren’t born, they’re made! And we here at XX, Will Travel believe that you too can be a seasoned adventurer. But where do you even begin? What if the furthest place you’ve been to is the next town over?

That’s where our new series, How To Plan A Trip From Scratch, comes in. Every few weeks we’ll tackle a different step in the planning process, in the hopes that you’ll find the feat of traveling on your own less underwhelming. We’re more than happy to hold your hand through the ordeal–in a totally non-creepy way of course! And for the more experienced wanderer, fear not. Though we think you’ll find some helpful tips in these installments, we’re still going to continue having city guide, how-to’s and discussion episodes you’ve come to enjoy. (You do enjoy them, right? We hope? Please validate our life choices.)

Our latest episode tackles Step 1: Choosing a Place. We discuss our own thought process in picking a location, taking into account budget, comfort levels and education…but also involving calendar pictures, crushes, and acts of rebellion.


Stay tuned for Step 2: Budgeting!

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8 thoughts on “Episode 11: How to Plan a Trip From Scratch: Choosing a Place

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