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XX, Will Travel’s Year in Review: By the Numbers


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As 2015 rolls to an end, we thought we’d take a look back at XX, Will Travel by the numbers. We’ve come a long way from two ladies with a dream and a case of itchy feet.

Total podcast plays: 2000 (!!!) 

You like us! You really like us! Thanks for giving us a chance and we look forward to spreading the gospel of independent women’s travel even wider in 2016. Wanna join the party? Subscribe on iTunes or podbean.

Social media followers: 1200

Not too shabby when you started from 0. But don’t worry – there’s always room for more! Find us on Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram.

Podcast episodes produced: 14

Our final episode of 2015, Homage to Airports, will drop next week. is available now!

Trips taken: 11 trips on 4 continents

We’ve covered the globe from Peru to Thailand to Wisconsin. What can we say? We get around.

Bottle of wine consumed during XX, Will Travel meetings: 10 (?)

That’s actually the point at which I stopped counting.

Podcast guests so far: 3

Thanks to Anita Mechler, Kim Nelson, and Doris McTyre for sharing their expertise. If you’d like to guest on our podcast or have a topic suggestion, let us know at xxwilltravel[at]gmail[dot]com.

Destroyed backpacks and/or suitcases: 2

If this post was the Oscars, this would be the “In Remembrance” reel. RIP to Ines’s beloved backpack which now rests in Guatemala and to my trusty suitcase, Big Red, a victim of my brother, a gentle giant who knows not his own strength.

Podcast episodes we recorded in their entirety before we realized we weren’t actually recording: 1

Now there’s a lesson you only need to learn once.

Pieces of lost luggage: 0

There I go jinxing us for next year….

We truly thank you for listening and supporting, and hope you continue to enjoy the podcast. In case you can’t tell by the on-air laughter, we certainly do!

– Kathy