Episode 17: How to Travel Successfully for Business with Mare Swallow


On this episode, we sit down with special guest Mare Swallow to give us her expert tips on traveling for business. From dealing with speeding tickets in Pennsylvania to powering through client dinners in Houston to asking French colleagues to skip their long lunches, Mare has gone through it all. Take a listen and learn how to pack, prep and even party (a bit)on your next business trip.

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  • Pros and cons of traveling for business (2:03)
  • Challenging and rewarding business travel destinations (6:50)
  • Packing and preparing for a business trip (18:05)
  • Dealing with jet lag and fatigue (23:35)
  • Mistakes to avoid (28:10)
  • Getting over the fear of eating alone (33:00)
  • How to squeeze in some fun (37.50)

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