Meet Jessica Kent, Sage Philosophical Traveler



Jessica Kent

On this week’s episode we get deep, as we sit down with our friend Jessica Kent to talk about travel epiphanies. Why does travel help us see our life so clearly?  What have we realized about ourselves when we travel? About others? About the world? Jessica is as awesome as her picture suggests and is the kind of pal who comforts you with her meaninful insight and wise observations. Exactly the kind of person you can talk to about the meaning of life without feeling like you’re tripping.

By day, she works as an Account Manager for a rad start up, and is freelance pet-sitter. By night she works hard to achieve her Goodreads goals, is 1/3rd of An Hour With Your Ex: After Dark’s Pride & Podcasts team along side Mel Evans and Rachel Grandi, and dabbles in Chicago’s independent theatre scene as a writer/producer/director and occasional actor. Follow her on twitter @ker_pow for pizza feelings, jokes, and 140 character political/feminist rants.
1) Where have you traveled?

I’m a new kid to the travel game, so all of my trips have been within the United States. Lately, my travel has been concentrated along the West Coast and the South. I am most interested in returning the Pacific Northwest!

2) What’s been your favorite trip so far?

My West Coast Tour was incredibly fun! I finally got to Portland, and I just had an absolute blast. I really felt at home there, and there was so much beauty everywhere I went. I was inundated with nature. Mountains! incredibly tall trees! Fresh air smells! You never realize how much you need that until you’re experiencing it.

3) What are 3 things you always take with you when you travel?

1- A new travel playlist. Music is such an influential part of my life and I have a very difficult time functioning without it being close by. It also acts as a great memory inducer once I’m back home, like “Oh, this song came on right as I exited the subway in LA!” or “This is the new song that I must listen to as the plane is taking off so nothing bad happens!”

2- Good, comfortable boots or sneakers. I am a wanderer, physically and mentally, and find that there’s no better way to explore your new surroundings that going on an incredibly long, meandering walk.

3- Coffee. I know that I can find coffee wherever I go but caffeine is one thing on which I am not taking any chances.

4) What’s your next destination?

Welp…I’ve got several upcoming trips to NC on the horizon for weddings and what not, will be heading back to Austin for a few days for work stuff, and am in the process of planning trips to Des Moines, IA and Colorado, to round out summer/fall. I had to cancel a trip to Memphis and New Orleans, so I’ll need to add that back into the queue.

So…more America!
5) Give us 1 reason why you travel.
I travel to remind myself that the unexpected doesn’t have to be frightening, and that no matter what comes my way, I’m more than prepared to handle it.


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