Episode 22: Cheap Eats Around the World with Rosamund Lannin


On this week’s episode, Kathy, Ines and special guest Rosamund Lannin discuss cheap eats around the globe. From food trucks to food courts and street food to street meat, we dish about our best and worst cheap eats experiences. Other topics include our favorite international twists on fast food, tips and tricks for finding the best cheap eats while traveling, and fun food facts from around the world.

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Miss Spoken – A lady live lit show – and PODCAST – hosted by Rose.

La Unica Food Mart – An excellent pan-American restaurant stashed in the back of a grocery store.

Reno – They serve Montreal-style bagels in the morning and wood-fired pizza the rest of the day.

Magdy’s Food Cart – Say hi to Rose’s uncle!

Leo’s Taco Truck – If in Los Angeles, hit Leo up for some tacos al pastor.

Foodland  – Hawaiian grocery store chain with amazing poke.


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