Episode 24: Jordan


In this episode, Ines interviews Kathy about her whirlwind trip around Jordan from Petra to Wadi Rum to the Dead Sea. Tune in as they talk food, culture and exploring the Middle East as a solo woman traveler.

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Petra Moon Tourism Services – Kathy highly recommends this tour company if you want to see many things in just a little time. Great guides ensure that you will have fun and learn a lot, even if you don’t mean to.

Habibah Sweets – One of Jordan’s oldest confectionaries.  If you can’t visit the store in Amman, check out their airport location.

Zalitimo Brothers – Another longstanding Jordan sweets shop with locations around the country and in the airport.

Petra Kitchen – Top off a day exploring Petra by learning how to cook like a Jordanian.

Semiramis – This Lebanese restaurant is Kathy’s favorite Chicago spot for Middle Eastern food. It’s definitely worth a trip off the beaten path.


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