Episode 25: How to Travel with Kids with Elizabeth Gomez


Children: some of us love them. Some of us fear them. Some of us are not quite sure what to do with them. Yet we’ll all eventually end up traveling with one of them, whether as strangers on a plane or because we decided to bring one along. On this week’s episode we talk ways to suvive it all without driving each other insane.

We sit down with wisecracking traveler and mom Elizabeth Gomez to talk about traveling with kids. They tackle the terrifying endeavour that is flying with children, survival strategies for the airport, tips on helping them enjoy a new place and why it’s important to instill a love of travel from a young age.

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Drinkers With Writing Problems – Elizabeth is one of the founding writers of this literary blog. They’ve recently started a storytelling show in Chicago called Lit Up! where Ines will be performing in August.

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