Episode 27: How to Travel to Music Festivals


Whether it’s a sprawling techno rave in the middle of a city, a folksy jam in the mountains, or an indie extravaganza on a beach, music festivals can be prime destinations. But like any trip, they require can require a lot of preparation. Thankfully, we’re here to help!

Beth Winer, traveling music fan and lovable Phish head, joins us to give her best tips for surviving music festival season. Highlights include dressing comfortably for a daylong concert, what and what not to eat, planning out who to see in a jam-packed lineup, and the ease with which you can build a music tribe of your own. Oh, and if you happen to lose your boyfriend in a crowd for 15 hours, Beth also has fantastic advice on what to do.

Go forth and travel! And don’t forget to rock on as well.

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