Places I’d Rather Be than Working Late for the Fifth Week In a Row


-Lying on the courtyard of my Cuzco hostel with my friend Betcha, slightly tipsy on Peruvian beer, looking up at the starry sky, wondering if I’ll ever put my Quechua classes to good use.

– Eating a fresh bao on the streets of Hoi An as dusk turns into night, chewing thoughtfully as I wonder if the Vietnamese fortune teller is right about my romantic future or not.

-Snorkeling with sea turtles off the coast of Barbados, a belly full of fresh fish keeping my pace steady, exhilirated at finally being able to breathe in throught the tube without swallowing seawater.

-Drinking boxed wine on a dirty Pamplona bench, a speck of dark jeans in a sea of white-clothed revelers, trying to point out the exact locations of A Sun Also Rises.

-Feeling the tiny yet brutal sting of Dead Sea water against a paper cut on my leg, fighting against every physical force of nature to dunk my head in, and pop up like a balloon. Question if maybe my destiny was to be an astronaut so I can feel weightlesness again.

(Written from the deepest throes of day job despair. Send help.)






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