We’re Back!


Did you miss us? Cause we missed you!

We’re back after a much-needed summer break and are so excited for what our second season has in store. Over the past couple of months, we’ve been developing a few things to make sure we keep inspiring you and ladies everywhere to roam the world. Or your backyard. Whatever floats your boat. The important thing is that you get moving.

Here are a few things we’re looking forward to in the fall:

  • Our first ever live recording! To celebrate our second season, we’re coming to you live and in-the-flesh on Saturday, October 8 at Volumes Bookcafe in Chicago to record our episode “Out of Place”. The event will include prizes, evening gowns, and trippy travel tips. We’ve also invited the wonderful stand-up comedian Sameena Mustafa from Simmer Brown and The A.V. Club writer Danette Chavez to share their own globetrotting tales.  In order to keep improving the podcast for your listening pleasure, there’s a $10 suggested donation at the door. To receive updates on XX Will Travel LIVE!, RSVP our Facebook event page.


  • Newsletter!  At long last you can sign up for our monthly newsletter where you’ll find our latest podcast episodes, blogs posts, travel tips, and more. Keeping up with our wanderings has never been easier. Sign up here to receive our first installment in the coming weeks.


  • Partnerships! Stay tuned for important developments on this front. Let’s just say we love supporting other women doing cool things.


  • And of course…episodes! Our very first one of the second season drops next Wednesday, September 14. Subscribe to us on iTunes, follow us on Podbean and find us on Stitcher to have it waiting for you fresh out of the oven.


And if that’s not enough, you can always follow our adventures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We’re so thankful for your support and can’t wait to share more of our travel stories and here some of yours.




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