Lessons Learned from Our First Live Recording

After months of blood, sweat, and audio tears our first live recording went down last Saturday in Chicago. It was a night full of travel tales, audience love and support from the local community. As with any new venture in life, we learned a few crucial lessons along the way.

1) Women’s stories are important. Let’s keep sharing them. 

Two of our stories touched upon the unequal treatment of traveling-while-woman, another explored the tensions of going back to your roots, and another had us in stitches about the tribulations of pushing one’s physical limits. Women travel writers are still few and far between as are women podcasters (though that seems to be changing!) This is our world too and we have every right to wander through it and report back on our experience.

2) Local businesses are amazing allies.

Volumes Bookcafe was a wonderful place to host an event like this. Not only because we were surrounded by books and had ample beverages at our disposal thanks to their lovely baristas. They also went out of their way to answer our questions, help us out and cheer for us every step of the way.

3) Ask and ye shall receive help.

Asking people for donations, support, or simply their presence can be cringe-worthy–but we rarely heard a “no.” We’re so lucky to be surrounded by people who geniunely wanted us to succeed and we hope we can one day return the favor.

4) Let’s take the “shame” out of “shameless self-promotion.” 

We believe in our podcast and do our very best to create something fun, informative and entertaining. Having said that, we’ve also grown up in a society that tells women to shy away from the spotlight and be meek. (Thanks, patriarchy!)  Thankfully, we’re ignoring those bad little voices more and more and we spread the word EVERYWHERE. And for a Saturday night when 1) the Cubs were in the play-offs 2) Kimye was touring 3) Obama was visiting  and 4) the city was preparing for the marathon, we had a great crowd.

5) Always check your equipment. 

Perhaps the most importan lesson. Our set up looked fancy, seemed to be working and left us full of hope. Unfortunately, the file was corrupted and we lost the night’s recording. We are still fighting the sads. The good news is that our stories do live on through the power of our memories and some good old-fashioned pen and paper. We will be sharing them on an an upcoming episode for those of you who were unable to attend.

In the meantime,  enjoy our pics of a fantastic event!

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