S2E3: XX Will Travel LIVE! Presents “Out of Place”


Nothing more out of place than evening gowns in your cozy neighborhood bookstore. 

We recreate our first ever live recording of our episode “Out of Place”. Listen from Kathy, Ines, and friends of the podcast stand-up comedian Sameena Mustafa (co-host and producer of Simmer Brown) and Danette Chavez (Assistant Editor at The A.V. Club). Stories include feminist awakenings during a Spring Break trip, being a “pocha” on a road trip to Mexico, a short-lived love affair with surfing in Brazil and finding oneself and perhaps love in India and Paris.

Listen to our episode here.

Thanks to Volumes Bookcafe for hosting us and to Wanderful for making our event one of their official meet-ups.

This episode featured music by Jahzzar, used under the Creative Common License.

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