Top 5 Episodes of 2016


This was a banner year for the ladies of XX, Will Travel. We took our first trip together to beautiful Louisville, KY! We celebrated our second season with a live podcast recording (sort of)! And we had the chance to meet and interact with our listeners (which will definitely happen more often in 2017)!

We look forward to the year ahead and bringing you the best in independent women’s travel stories. Big things are in the works, so thanks for coming along for the ride by listening and supporting us.

Until then, you can catch up on our top five episodes of 2016 after the jump.

Happy holidays and go forth and travel!

Ines and Kathy

Top 5 Episodes of 2016

5) How to Plan a Trip from Scratch: Budgeting

You can’t go anywhere if you don’t have the funds, which may explain why this handy how-to, the second installment of our “How to Plan a Trip from Scratch” series, was one of our most downloaded episodes.

4) How to Plan a Trip from Scratch: Getting Airplane Tickets

Once you’ve saved some scratch, the next step is to get that ticket. This guide, #3 in our “How to Plan a Trip from Scratch” series, explains tried and true methods for getting you where you want to go via aeroplane.

3) NY Times List of 52 Places to Go in 2016

What happens when a place gets “discovered” by a mainstream publication? Does it make it less valid for travelers seeking to stay off the beaten path or can you use it as a bucket list for the year ahead? Kathy and Ines debate this question, check off where they’ve been on the list, and simultaneously lust after the beautiful places highlighted in this annual New York Times feature.

2) Travel Epiphanies with Jessica Kent

You may not know Jessica Kent, but her easygoing words of wisdom resonated with our listeners in one of our most popular – and philosophical – episodes of the year. We pondered who we are when we travel and how a simple moment on the road can change your life’s direction.

1) Iceland with Eliza Reid

Iceland was the hottest destination of 2016. Who better to discuss it than the founder of the Iceland Writers Retreat (and recent first lady of Iceland) Eliza Reid? Eliza was in town for the Taste of Iceland festival and gave us an insider’s look into the country she calls home.

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