Where to Eat in Lima: 2017 Edition

My humble country has been experiencing a tourist boom of such proportions that the first thing that pops into my mind when I see another article, blog post or story on the subject is Zoolander’s Mugatu. We’re so hot right now! When travel lovers find out I’m from Peru, they invariably start gushing about it. The first thing people usually ask me about is Macchu Picchu. Frankly, I can offer them little advice on how to get there. Last time I ventured around those parts, all you needed to do was hop on a train and purchase a ticket at the entrance. The process is a tad more complicated now, to say the least.

The second thing they’ll ask me about is restaurant recommendations. This is where I truly shine.

Fans of the podcast are well aware of my almost annoying obsession with food. Part of it may stem from the fact that my hometown, Lima,  is THE food center of the universe (sorry, no argument) and has been named the world’s leading culinary destination for five years in a row. I can go on and on about where to stuff yourself silly in Lima but I’m simply going to list the places I’ve visited or will visit on this trip. I haven’t yet gone to a few of these so check back for updates!

El Pan de la Chola

I almost had a complete meltdown when I went to get avocado toast at this quaint coffee shop and bakery and heard that their order of avocados hadn’t been delivered yet. I understand that the first half of that sentence makes me sound like an insufferable hipster. (Side note: I may be an insufferable hipster.) Thankfully, the manager double-checked to see if that was the case and found a pair of avocados to throw my way. It may sound dramatic for what’s become a food trend punchline. But this avocado toast is sublime in its simplicity: hearty bread, freshly seasoned avocados and a touch of olive oil. The cafe also has a small but well-crafted menu of sandwiches and pastries.



Sushi in Lima? Why, yes! Not only does our Pacific bounty provide the fresh fish needed to make exquisite rolls, but the Peruvian-Japanese community is so large it’s created its own type of cuisine called Nikkei. You can find your usual spicy tunas, salmon, and california rolls here but it also offers several with a Peruvian twist. Unfortunately, I was too caught up in conversation with my high school friends to take good pics. My bad.

Chifa Titi

Ana Avellana

San Antonio

Barra Chalaca


Armónica Café 


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