Top Five Movies About Girls’ Getaways

Our latest episode, Girls’ Trips: Yay or Nay?, debates the pros and cons of girls’ getaways. No matter how you feel about them, you have to agree that there are some amazing movies about girls’ trips. Whether you’re getting ready for your next ladies’ trip or reminiscing about your last one, these movies are sure to entertain.

(A common thread between these movies is road trips. For more on planning your own road trip, check out an episode from earlier in season 2, How to Road Trip With Meryl Williams.)

5) Qué Tan Lejos (How Much Further) (2006)


Sometimes girls’ trips don’t start out that way. In this Ecuadorian film, two women meet on a bus headed from Quito to Cuenca. Tristeza is a student from Quito who is headed to stop the wedding of her  long-distance boyfriend to another woman. Esperanza is a travel agent (remember those?) from Spain who is researching Ecuador as a tourist destination. When a strike derails their plan to travel by bus, they decide to hitchhike.

If you’ve ever traveled solo, you know that relationships tend to develop more quickly on the road – travelers are bonded by unfamiliar circumstances and limited time. In this brief cinematic window, viewers are treated to the evolution of the women’s relationship from strangers to friends, along with beautiful shots of the Ecuadorian countryside.

4) Where the Boys Are (1960)


If you’re a classic movie buff like me, then this Connie Francis gem is a must see. Four women from a Midwestern college road trip to Florida for spring break to look for love. This film was way ahead of its time due to its frank depiction of young women exploring their sexuality – the same stuff was happening on spring break then as it does now, with tragic results for one character.

Fun fact: Actress Delores Hart, whose character Merritt opens the film by asking her class why shouldn’t a woman be able to have sex before marriage, left behind her successful movie career to become a nun. Check out the documentary about it, God Is Bigger Than Elvis.

3) Shag: The Movie (1989)


I grew up in South Carolina, where everybody shagged. In public. With multiple partners. In front of children. That’s because the Carolina Shag is a dance. So get your minds out of the gutter!

The year is 1963. Four gals on the cusp of adulthood take a road trip to Myrtle Beach, which claims to be the place where shagging originated. There’s boys and beer and beach music and lots of shagging (of both varieties). Caroline “Pudge” Carmichael, the girl next door played by Annabeth Gish, even wins a shagging contest! But which kind of shagging? Guess you’ll just have to watch and see.

2) Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)


OK. So maybe this isn’t a really a girls’ getaway so much as a brutal bolt from vengeful enemies through a post-apocalyptic wasteland. But, like many girls’ trips, it’s a road trip with lots of drama and lady bonding, right?

This movie captures women’s relationships, in all their messy complexity, under extreme pressure, and I like how they come together and stand by each other. And the world needs more Furiosa right now, especially when women’s rights and environmental protection measures threaten to be eroded before our very eyes.

1)  Thelma and Louise (1991)


This movie has it all. Friendship. Empowerment. Young Brad Pitt in the buff. It has so much, in fact, that I feel a bit cliché casting it in the number one spot. But like Thelma and Louise, I offer absolutely no apologies.

I was a relative latecomer to this film. I caught bits and pieces on various cable stations over the years before I finally  watched it in its entirety. But, along with its message of solidarity against a savage and unjust world, that’s part of its beauty – the impact of the individual scenes are so powerful that you almost don’t need to see the whole film to get the point.

Did I miss your favorite girls’ trip film or do you disagree with any of my picks? Let me know in the comments!


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