Five Best Things About WITS17

If you stalk us on social media (as well you should!), you probably noticed that we were in Milwaukee over the weekend and overusing the #wits17 hashtag. WITS stands for the Women in Travel Summit, a conference for lady travel bloggers and content creators that’s organized by Wanderful. We couldn’t resist the chance to check it out, what with it being so close and all, and are so glad we got the opportunity to go. In a weekend full of good times, these are the highlights:

1) Finding guidance from speakers

Our favorites included Oneika Raymond, of Oneika the Traveller fame, who led a vital discussion on diversity and inclusivity in travel and Gabi Logan, of Dream of Travel Writing, who shared concrete steps and strategies to break into the very intimidating travel writing industry. She made it sound so doable!

2) The Hidden Culinary Wonderland that Is Milwaukee


Delicious lobster roll at the Public Market

Look, pretzel bites and cheese curds are freaking delicious and we all know it. However, Milwaukee’s food scene goes way beyond the Wisconsin stereotypes of brats and sausage.  A few gems to check out if you ever visit the city: international brunch fare at Engine Company No. 3, fresh seafood at Milwaukee Public Market, and the unique tapas at Odd Duck.

3) Meeting Our Audience and Future Colleagues

Turns out we’re not talking into the void! We were thrilled to find attendees who listened to the podcast. We geeked out with them as much as they geeked out with us. It was also exciting to meet those who are planning to launch their own shows or want the opportunity to be a guest on shows. The more women voices that are out there, the better.

4) Millie, the Concierge Dog


Millie was our favorite WITS attendee.

There’s a concierge dog at the Milwaukee Hilton. I REPEAT, THERE IS A CONCIERGE DOG.  And of course she is everything that is good and great about the world. Her name is Millie and she has any tip you may need about the city.

5) Finding Like-Minded Women

It was reassuring to be surrounded by people who totally understood your desire to travel. There were no side eyes, pointed questions or skepticism. Just pure positivity and support.

Interested in attending? WITS18 will be in beautiful Quebec City and there are no shortage of reasons to visit the Great White North. Hope to see you there!


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