Meet Jennifer Poe, Traveler and Author of Hola, Morocha!

Hola, Morocha! Ebook Cover

We were delighted to feature author, entrepreneur and world traveler Jennifer Poe on this week’s episode. (Seriously. It was a really fun interview.)

Jennifer is the author of the Hola, Morocha! series, a memoir of her time spent living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  She worked as a consultant with actress Elizabeth Berkley on her book for teen girls, the New York Times bestselling Ask Elizabeth and her writing has been published by Clutch magazine (2009); Zaji magazine (2012) and in an anthology made up of young women authors, endorsed by Eve Ensler, titled We Got Issues. She is a world traveler and writes about her adventures online at You can connect with Jennifer on Twitter at @JenCPoe, on Facebook and on Instagram at @jenpoeauthor.

Learn more about Jennifer after the jump!

1) Where have you traveled?

Well, internationally, I’ve traveled to Paris, France; Argentina; Uruguay; Brazilian side of Iguazu falls; the UK; Amsterdam; Barbados and Rome, Venice, Verona, Florence and Sicily, Italy.

2) What’s been your favorite trip so far?

Favorite trip, hands down, is Barbados, Rome and Sicily, Italy.

3) What are three things you always take with you when you travel?

A good book, camera and journal.

4) What’s your next destination?

CUBA! I’m planning for a trip in the summer.

5) Give us one reason why you travel.

I don’t believe I am tethered to one place. I believe I am a flower child born to the earth. Therefore, I am a citizen of the world and it’s great to meet others abroad. In truth, we are all connected and this connection transcends time, space, culture and race.







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