Remember that Poll? Results Are In!


A few months ago, I was stuck. Both in a physical and emotional sense. Politics and my pending citizenship status prevented me from traveling abroad. My days consisted of going in to a job that let me deeply unsatisfied. Free time was something I rarely had, seeing as I used it to work on all the side projects I loved. The situation could not stay the same or else I was going to burn out. Yet, I lacked the courage or conviction at the time to really make any changes to my circumstances.

So I put up my little conundrum on the blog and asked you, the fans, to help me decide my future. You can read more about my existential crisis and four exit strategies I came up with here.  The results? The audience leaned towards me quitting as soon as I had citizenship, even though that might mean postponing travel for a while.

My decision? Even before the week was over, I had already made up my mind. There was no way I was going to spend my birthday at the office or in the same life that I so desperately wanted to leave behind. I decided I was going to risk it all and simply quit. I put in my notice and wrote May 23, they day before my birthday, as my last day.

As you may have noticed it is May 25. I did not spend my birthday at the office. Instead, I wrote down what I wanted to achieve in the upcoming year. I am free from the shackles of my day job but with the scary and thrilling weight of having to fend for myself. You guys will be able to hear all about my plunge on the podcast. Thanks for following my emotional journey!

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