S2E20: Traveling with Peruvian Hip Hop Musician Menores


Formed by composers Talía Vega and Ana Cabrera and music producer Orieta Chrem, Menores has been taking the local Peruvian music scene by storm and has extended their fan base to all corners of Latin America. Kathy and Ines talked to Talía and Orieta about what it’s really like to be touring musicians in an industry that’s still pretty male-dominated. Find out more about Peru’s burgeoning DIY music scene, what it’s like to shoot a music video in the middle of the desert, what they pack before they go on tour (less bathing suits and more crazy makeup), and their experience playing at Festival Yavería in Bogota, Colombia. Don’t worry, they also asked the one burning question about the rock n’ roll lifestyle: groupies.

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You can find Menores on Facebook and on their sweet Instagram page, as well as listen to their tunes on Spotify.

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