Enter to Win a Copy of Hola, Morocha!


Jennifer Poe, one of our favorite guests, has written a book about her experiences as a black woman in Argentina – and we want you to win a copy!

As Jen describes it, Hola, Morocha is:

“…the ultimate companion book for any black woman moving to or visiting Buenos Aires for the first time; it’s also a book for women who are thirsting to read more travel memoirs by women of color. And it’s written with love from yours truly: La Morocha, the black girl Buenos Aires expert! Hola, Morocha is written in the conversational tone of a best friend; it’s kind of like walking around with your best friend in your purse or eBook reader— a companion to make your journey less daunting.”

To enter, subscribe to our newsletter and then check out Jen’s episode. Already a subscriber/listener? Then leave us a review on Apple Podcasts.  Contest ends at midnight on August 30, 2017.



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