Tiny Letters for Travelistas


As many of you know, XX Will Travel’s newsletter is my pet project. They’re a number of reasons I decide to take this on. A presentation at a podcast conference said it was a reliable source of traffic. It was one of the best ways of tracking ROI at one of my old jobs. I wanted a way to reach out to people directly without fighting with Facebook/Twitter/Instagram’s hermetic algorhythms. I also started it, though,  because I was slowly becoming enamored with the newsletter renaissance. Some of my favorite newsletters are those that are written by some of my favorite podcasters, like Anne Friedman and the lovely ladies of Another Round. I loved how I could return to them for links on their guests, the random finds they mentioned and any additions that hadn’t had the chance to make it on air. At the same time, I was also discovering more and more TinyLetters. Though very similar to newsletters, Mailchimp’s younger sister has a more intimate feel. People predict it’s slowly taking over blogs, fulfilling the function that old school LiveJournals and Blogspots had before everyone became obsessed with monetizing. Many of them have a specific niche, but they’re also not afraid to ramble, to pour out their soul, to be a little kooky and weird. There are very few traces of SEO tactics. I so enjoyed reading them, that I actually decided to start my own TinyLetter where I could write mini essays on travel, writing and side hustle life. Oh, and fill people’s inboxes with at least one Charlie picture.

Most of the TinyLetters I subscribe to are focused on the craft of writing but there are a few that are travel focused. Here are three of my favorites:

The POC Travel Book Club

Once a month, Bani Amor picks out a travel memoir by a writer of color for subscribers to read. The best part? You can meet once a month via Google Hangout to discuss the month’s selection.


Christina Brandon writes shorts essays on everyday life, including her frequent travels. She’s not shy to talk about coping with pre-travel anxiety or write down the number of castles she’s visited in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Tess Travels

Though technically a newsletter, it has the TinyLetter feel as Tess Malone talks about solo trips and gives readers tips on how to embark on their own.

Have a favorite? Send them my way! They’ll spam their way into my heart.


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