Travel in Movies and Film

Hollywood Sign

Hollywood sign at Nick Metropolis Collectible Furniture in Los Angeles, CA

Just in time for the Oscars, it’s our episode on travel and film! We asked for your favorite movies that were either travel-themed or inspired you to take a trip and you answered with more than 200 movies and TV shows. We count down your top 10, discuss our faves and give our takes on the most wanderlust-worthy Academy Award nominees, past and present. Kathy also recounts her 2016 trip to Los Angeles, California for Oscar weekend. (For the full story, check out our episode on LA.)

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Cutaways Podcast

The Cutaways

And we can’t forget our special guests! The Cutaways are a dynamic duo of lady podcasters/filmmakers from LA. They watch one rom-com a week in chronological order and then break it down on their podcast. Co-host Justine Gendron joins us to share her top three travel-themed rom-coms.

Gretchen Kelly

Travel journalist Gretchen Kelly

We also welcome travel journalist and set-jetting expert Gretchen Kelly of Extreme Luxury Getaways. Gretchen has written extensively on the phenomenon of set-jetting, or visiting locations where movies and TV shows are filmed, for, the New York, and more. She also gives suggestions on where to go to see the real-life settings of your favorite films and shows.


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