Traveling in Cusco and Lima, Peru


We’re finally taking on Ines’s home country–Peru! We’re here to answer all your pressing questions abou the land of the Incas from both a local and a tourist perspective. Find out how to get to Machu Picchu either via trekking or the “lazy way”, discover what other sights and ruins there are to see in Cusco, get recommendations on some of our favorite eats, and learn the different ways that the altitude can effect you and what to do about it. Then we take on Peru’s capital city, Lima, which happens to be Ines’s hometown. We discuss how Lima went from “la horrible” to booming, wax poetic on its world-renowned food scene, talk about the many things to see and do, and guide you the best neighborhoods for accomodations. Plus, Ines tells you why you should never take a cab off the street, discusses little known facts on Peruvian history, and shares how the city has changed in recent years. Want more Peru? Kathy also tells us about her side trip to Puno and Ines lists all the other places that are worth visiting but don’t get nearly as much attentions as they should.

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