Meet Comedian Mona Aburmishan

XX Will Travel Guest Mona Aburmishan

Comedian Mona Aburmishan

We are thrilled to host this week’s guest, comedian Mona Aburmishan who tells us what it’s like to travel as a comedian and perform around the world.

Mona has performed, emceed, and produced comedy shows, competitions and events in major clubs, theaters and universities around the world. In addition to comedy, Mona is a sought-after speaker in various socio-political topics in the United States and the Middle East.

Mona has a Master’s in International Development and is fluent in English, German and Arabic. Having lived and performed in Europe, The Middle East, and Africa, Mona uses her global insight and perspectives as well as her homegrown Chicago-style to offer a fresh look at the funny that’s all around us. 

Recently Mona headlined Comedy Central Arabia’s latest Season 2 Premier “Stand Up Al Waggif” filmed on location in Dubai, UAE. She was the first female to headline this groundbreaking series produced by Viacom.

Mona is currently touring across the country and headed for the U.K., Middle East & South Africa this spring 2018.

Visit for more detailed information on Mona and upcoming performances and tune in to our interview when it drops this Wednesday, March 28th.

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