XX, Will Travel Manifesto

When it comes to independent women’s travel, we believe:

  • The holy trinity of independent women’s travel is curiosity, confidence and comfortable shoes.
  • Society teaches women to fear; travel teaches them self-reliance.
  • When people act astonished by a solo woman traveler, respond kindly – you might be an inspiration.
  • Don’t wait around for people who “don’t have time” to travel.
  • It doesn’t matter if you travel to the neighboring county or the neighboring continent – just go.
  • The best travel tools are research, common sense, and your gut.
  • Do it for the story – write it down and retell often.
  • Dining alone won’t kill you, it’ll get you free dessert from sympathetic waiters.
  • The cure to wanderlust is more passport stamps.
  • Repeat frequently for maximum impact.


Ines was born in a foreign land, raised in a foreign land(s), and is even from a foreign land. None of these foreign lands are the same. Her parents put her on a plane at the tender age of 2 months, and she’s never looked back since. She’s lived in 3 continents, 6 countries, 9 cities, and traveled to about 30 nations. Along the way she acquired several degrees in literary stuff, which she is putting to good use in an ad agency. Her home base is now Chicago where she writes, translates and performs to her heart’s content. Her first solo trip was backpacking around Europe, where she realized she’s the female equivalent of Ernest Hemingway…despite of or because of the drunken tantrums? You decide.


Kathy first experienced culture shock at age three when a family move from Minnesota to South Carolina forced her to switch her pork allegiance from braunschweiger to barbeque. Her first time leaving the U.S. was to study abroad in Zimbabwe, where she danced her nights away with the national cricket team and got robbed at knife point (but not by the cricket players). Kathy never looked back, living in Japan for two years, and visiting nearly 25 countries since. Her first solo trip was backpacking through Vietnam, where graceful centenarians taught her the art of crossing the street while not getting killed by a car, moped, or water buffalo. Kathy is a writer, editor, and occasional performer in Chicago.

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