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Social media is so 2015. So how would you like to receive a piece of mail from the gals at XX, Will Travel? That’s right – an actual postcard from our journeys. Here’s what you have to do:

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Go forth and travel!

– Kathy & Ines



Episode 15: How to Plan a Trip from Scratch: Budgeting



Is 2016 the year you finally take your very first trip? We’re here to help! Last year we launched a new series called How To Plan a Trip From Scratch. The idea is to break down every single step of the process so that nomads-in-waiting can find traveling less overwhelming. And we’re happy to announce that our second installment of the series is here!

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Our Top 5 of 2015


Alas, another year has come and gone. But what a year it has been! In the past twelve months we’ve gone from turning a theoretically cool idea (“hey, how about we do a travel podcast?) to reality (“oh my god, we have a podcast”). Along the way we’ve gained some wisdom, lost no luggage, and acquired some new friends.

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Episode 14: Homage to Airports


Most people view airports as a source of pain and frustration. Ines and Kathy beg to differ. Listen as the ladies discuss their favorite airports and the hidden amenity gems, tips for the security line, fun ways to pass the time while waiting for a flight and traumatic tales of flying solo as kids. (That’s right – their independent travel roots run deep!)

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I Tried Being Sporty in Guatemala. I Failed.


Me putting on a brave face before my hike to Pacaya.

I bought boots, guys. I bought some rad hiking boots because, after researching what to do in Guatemala, it seemed everyone just frolicked on volcanoes. Never mind that the reasons I chose to travel there had nothing to do with adventure sports. I was attracted to its indigenous culture and rich colonial history, its literary traditions and distinctive cuisine. But I seemed to be in the minority. Everyone else was happy living out their Indiana Jones fantasies.

Hence, why I decided that I too should tap into some undiscovered athletic aspect of my personality and buy myself some hiking boots.

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Episode 12: Traveler Gratitude: Acts of Kindness on the Road


Turkey 2

Sometimes travel can be a lonely experience, even lonelier when things go wrong with no one to call for help. In honor of American Thanksgiving, Kathy and Ines talk turkey about the kindness of strangers encountered while traveling. Listener submitted stories, as well as a few from Kathy and Ines, show that compassion is alive and well in an age when the world seems ever more chaotic.

The ladies also touch upon how you can help wayward tourists, the rise in popularity and ethical concerns of voluntourism, and the Paris attacks.

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