Episode 15: How to Plan a Trip from Scratch: Budgeting



Is 2016 the year you finally take your very first trip? We’re here to help! Last year we launched a new series called How To Plan a Trip From Scratch. The idea is to break down every single step of the process so that nomads-in-waiting can find traveling less overwhelming. And we’re happy to announce that our second installment of the series is here!

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The Best Massages in Bangkok: From Airports to Movie Theaters

Thailand is the land of massage, some of them naughty and most of them nice. Thai massage is different from the deep tissue or Swedish massages we typically experience in the US. Thai massage is lot more active. The practitioner stretches, rocks, and contorts your body into various poses, often using their elbows or feet to position you. There is no oil involved, and you remain clothed.

On my recent visit to Bangkok, I resolved to get a massage every day at a different kind of location. From temple massages to rubdowns at the movie theater, here are my top five picks for Thai massage in the order I received them.

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Episode 9: Hiking Like a Boss With Kim Nelson

Bison in Yellowstone National park. Photo by Daniel Mayer.

We here at XX, Will Travel have no qualms about jet-setting around the world, hopping on trains, hitting the road and traipsing around cities. But actually interacting with nature? That’s a whole other issue. Which is why we invited our friend Kim Nelson to sit down with us and talk about the wonders of camping and hiking. Her adventures were so inspiring, we very well might grab a backpack and set up a tent in the near future.

Interested? Listen to our latest episode to hear Kim’s tips and recommendations for getting started as hiker, keeping up with hygiene and facing strange encounters with bison–and living to tell the tale. You can find all this and much more below:


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The Great Escape: Why Summer’s the Best Time to Plan a Winter Getaway


Playa Flamenco in Culebra, Puerto Rico

If there is one thing we know in Chicago, it’s that winter is always lurking around the corner. It’s the cool breeze on the beach that makes you shiver or the ice cream brain freeze that reminds you that in a few months, this is how your whole body will feel. So what do we do? We play hard for the two sunny months of the year – and we plan our winter escapes.

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Episode 5: How to Survive International Weddings

It’s wedding season! And though it’s paradise for some and hell for others, it can usually be stressful for all…especially if it involves a flight to an international location. In this week’s podcast, we give you tips and suggestions on how to deal with weddings abroad. From the dress to gift etiquette to intense betrothal ceremonies, Kathy, Kyna and Ines show you how to hop the globe with a fancy dress in tow…or an old lady woman costume if you happen to be going to a bachelorette party in the UK. Also, a crazy international wedding story from a listener that involves TV cameras, an instantaneous groom and pseudonyms to protect the interested parties.

This is the kind of sexy outfit you need to pack for a UK hen party. You’re welcome.

Hungry for more? Here are a few more stories from fans about weddings in Italy, Japan, France, and England.

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Episode 2: Public Transportation and You!

On our second episode, we show you the many benefits of taking public transportation when traveling. From subways to tuk tuks, buses to water taxis, and everything in between, we show you how braving the transportation system can ultimately enrich your experience abroad. Kathy mentions the religious experiences one can have in the Russian metro, Ines tries to describe the mythical beast known as the Peruvian combi, and Kyna asks the tough questions: Are you team bus or team train? Plus, we give you the top 5 things to research regarding public transportation before leaving for your destination. Download this episode (right click and save). To inspire your foray into this fascinating world, check out pics that Kathy took from the Moscow subway:


Mendeleevskaya Metro Station, Moscow


Belorusskaya Metro Station, Moscow


Elektrozavodskaya Metro Station, Moscow

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