Our Top 5 of 2015


Alas, another year has come and gone. But what a year it has been! In the past twelve months we’ve gone from turning a theoretically cool idea (“hey, how about we do a travel podcast?) to reality (“oh my god, we have a podcast”). Along the way we’ve gained some wisdom, lost no luggage, and acquired some new friends.

We loved all our episodes, blog posts, guests, instagram pics, thought-provoking tweets and random Facebook posts that we may have put out there, but there were some that were really embraced by all of you. Today we look back on our Top 5 podcast episodes and blog posts of the year. We will bask in our glory…but we will mostly feel deeply grateful that you gave us a chance. Come and join us on our trip down memory lane!


5) Public Transportation and You!Why use it? How do you use it? Can they be destinations in and of itself? More importantly what, exactly, is a tuk tuk? Also, we give you the top 5 things you should research regarding public transportation before you get to a place. 

4) Traveler Gratitude: Acts of Kindness on the Road: We share tales of traveler gratitude and acts of kindness from listeners, as well as our own. Also discussed: the most and least hospitable places we’ve been, how to assist fellow travelers and experiences with voluntourism.

3) Declarations of Independence: We discuss our own experiences of independent travel! What makes us feel free? What makes us feel trapped? How can we overcome the obstacles that prevent women from traveling independently? What are the benefits of flying solo? We give you tips on how to travel sans tour group and even show you how to make friends abroad. Also, our first story from a listener!

2) The Insider’s Guide to Chicago: There’s more to Chicago than downtown! We tell you everything you should know before you visit our home base – hidden hotspots, tourist worthy attractions, and neighborhoods off the beaten bath, as well as what’s not worth your precious travel time.

And our number 1 episodes of 2015 is…

1) Meet the Ladies!On our pilot we interviewed each other about the joys and challenges of traveling solo. A lot has changed since that first episode, but we hope it’s been for the better. Thanks to all of you who stuck around!


Kathy’s Top 2

Ines’s Top 2

Our Number 1

Every once in a while we’ll write a joint blog post. This is a collaboration after all! And our most popular blog post, written together, was also our first: A Travel Manifesto.

Thanks again for all the support. Happy New Year! We hope that in 2016 you go forth and travel.


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