Meet Samantha Bailey, Writer and Filmmaker


Writer and filmmaker Samantha Bailey

Filming a movie is daunting enough, but filming one abroad adds an extra layer of thrills and chills to the process. That’s why we’re so excited to showcase a lady who managed to accomplish just that on this week’s episode, Chicago writer and filmmaker Samantha Bailey.

Sam Bailey is the creator of the Gotham nominated web series: You’re So Talented. She is also the director and producer of the newly launched web series Brown Girls, which has received major buzz from outlets like Jezebel, Elle, and BET. Recently, Sam was included on NewCity’s Film 50 list. As a writer, she’s worked on live lit stages across the city including The Paper Machete, 2nd Story and Guts and Glory.

Last year, Samantha  flew to Ghana to shoot Raina’s Not Here, her upcoming short film. On Wednesday’s episode we talk about the logistics of directing a movie in a different country, the experience of traveling abroad for the first time, why you definitely want to visit Accra, among other topics.

Follow Sama on Twitter at @SamQBailey and check out all the updates of her wonderful web series You’re So Talented and Brown Girls on Facebook.

Learn more about Samantha after the jump.

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Listen to Our Latest Episode and Win!



Our latest episode is about women’s health while traveling. As you can imagine, the word “vagina” comes up A LOT. But how many times exactly? That’s what we want to know, and there’s something in it for you.

Tune in to our latest episode, Women’s Health While Traveling, and send us your best guess of how many times we say vagina. It has to be the exact word – no nicknames, no euphemisms – and it has to be the combined sum of the number of times the word is said by all three of the conversation participants: Kathy, Ines, and our women’s health expert Christina Tanner.

You can submit your guesses to xxwilltravel[at]gmail[dot]com. You can also follow us and submit them via Twitter.  Or give us a like on Facebook and submit your answer as a comment on this post. We also accept submissions via mail. Email us for contact info. All guesses must be submitted by Tuesday, February 21st at 12:00 am CST. The first correct guess wins a mystery prize from the XX, Will Travel prize vault.


S2E11: Women’s Health While Traveling with Christina Tanner


This amazing card is available from Penny Parker Paper.

Certified nurse midwife Christina Tanner joins us to talk about our vaginas, the “self-cleaning ovens” of the body, and helps us learn what to do on the road if your oven malfunctions. We cover menstruation, yeast infections, UTIs, birth control, traveling while pregnant, scary bathrooms & squat toilets, medications and SO MUCH MORE! We also find out what water, garlic and yogurt have in common. (Hint – it’s not just that they make a tasty veggie dip.)

Click the links to listen to the episode on iTunes or Podbean. Please share with your lady traveler friends, as well as your friends who don’t travel, so we can all increase our vagina IQs.

Podcast notes and TONS of women’s health resources are available after the jump.

DISCLAIMER: Ines and Kathy are very smart ladies, but they are not health care professionals. The content of the podcast and the information presented on this blog does not, nor does it intend to, provide medical advice. If you are in need of medical advice, please seek a qualified health care professional, not a podcast host. Links to any websites do not mean endorsement or affiliation.

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Meet Christina Tanner, Certified Nurse Midwife and Women’s Health Professional


Christina Tanner in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the week before our interview

This week on the podcast, we’re celebrating V-day – and we don’t mean the kind with fat cupids and chocolate. We mean vaginas and all the responsibilities that go with taking care of one – especially while traveling. We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: Love yourself – and your lady bits – first!

We were fortunate to interview Christina Tanner, a midwife and world traveler, about how to stay healthy on the road. Christina has been a certified nurse midwife for 15 years. She works in Chicago’s Lawndale/Little Village neighborhoods for Esperanza Health Centers, a federally qualified health center (FQHC) that provides high-quality multi-specialty health care to members of the community regardless of insurance status. She is also currently in the process of starting a not-for-profit organzation, Rise Up Wellness, to provide free yoga classes and healing arts to underserved Chicago communities.

Christina is also a board member of Chicago NOW, an organization dedicated to making legal, political, social and economic change in our society in order to achieve their goal, which is to eliminate sexism and end all oppression. (If you’d like to donate to Chicago NOW, click here.)

Learn more about Christina after the jump.

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We Want Your Questions and Stories for an Upcoming Episode!


We’re looking for inspiration…from you! We have an exciting episode coming up and we would love to get your questions, thoughts and opinions on the matter.
We’re grown-ass women and we should know how to take care of our grown-ass lady parts. Agree? Then send us your questions about health care, travel, and you. What’s the best birth control for your year-long trip? How can a Diva Cup revolutionize your travels? And is there anything you can do if you get a UTI in the middle of a safari? No question is too big or too small. Feel free to also send us your stories and tips of dealing with a your privates while on the road. Nothing is too gross or too empowering or too graphic for our ears.

Send us your stories, opinions and questions by commenting on this post or emailing us at by February 3. Let us know too if there’s any topic you really want to discuss in any future episode as well. We’ll do our very best to give you the info you need to go forth and travel.

S2E10: NY Times List of 52 Places to Go in 2017


Parliament in Ottawa, Canada. The NY Times picked our neighbor to the north as their #1 destination. 

Kathy and Ines take on the New York Times List once again. They discuss where they’ve been, where they’d like to go and where people should go. They also talk about the list’s missteps, overlooked destinations, and whether this edition has a sneaky political agenda.

You can listen to the episode here.

Check out our episodes that cover destinations mentioned on the list:

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And of course, last year’s review:

S1E16: NY Times List of 52 Places to Go in 2016

Do you love the list? Do you hate? Have you been to any of these destinations? Are you planning on going? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or via email.

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Top Five Movies About Girls’ Getaways

Our latest episode, Girls’ Trips: Yay or Nay?, debates the pros and cons of girls’ getaways. No matter how you feel about them, you have to agree that there are some amazing movies about girls’ trips. Whether you’re getting ready for your next ladies’ trip or reminiscing about your last one, these movies are sure to entertain.

(A common thread between these movies is road trips. For more on planning your own road trip, check out an episode from earlier in season 2, How to Road Trip With Meryl Williams.)

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