Episode 15: How to Plan a Trip from Scratch: Budgeting



Is 2016 the year you finally take your very first trip? We’re here to help! Last year we launched a new series called How To Plan a Trip From Scratch. The idea is to break down every single step of the process so that nomads-in-waiting can find traveling less overwhelming. And we’re happy to announce that our second installment of the series is here!

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Episode 14: Homage to Airports

Most people view airports as a source of pain and frustration. Ines and Kathy beg to differ. Listen as the ladies discuss their favorite airports and the hidden amenity gems, tips for the security line, fun ways to pass the time while waiting for a flight and traumatic tales of flying solo as kids. (That’s right – their independent travel roots run deep!)

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Episode 13: Washington D.C. with Doris McTyre


Friend of the podcast Doris Manning McTyre joins us on a guide through the nation’s capital! The ladies discuss their emotional connections to D.C., the forgotten contributions of women in history, and balls. Lots of balls. Plus, museum tips, restaurant recommendations and other tidbits to make a trip to Washington as amazing as the picture above.

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Episode 12: Traveler Gratitude: Acts of Kindness on the Road


Sometimes travel can be a lonely experience, even lonelier when things go wrong with no one to call for help. In honor of American Thanksgiving, Kathy and Ines talk turkey about the kindness of strangers encountered while traveling. Listener submitted stories, as well as a few from Kathy and Ines, show that compassion is alive and well in an age when the world seems ever more chaotic.

The ladies also touch upon how you can help wayward tourists, the rise in popularity and ethical concerns of voluntourism, and the Paris attacks.

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Episode 10: Thailand and Cambodia

In this episode, Kathy and Ines talk Thailand, Cambodia, and how to strike a balance between seeing the sites and having a relaxing vacation.

Kathy also discusses feeling guilty over her reluctance to leave her swanky Bangkok hotel to tour temples and eat street meat. She discovers that sometimes cheese plates and high thread count sheets have a pull even stronger than 1000 Buddhas – and that’s OK.

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Podcast Notes

Cambodian Visas
U.S. citizens can get Cambodian visas online here or pay for one on arrival. At the time Kathy visited, an online visa cost US$37.00. A visa on arrival cost US$30.00 and was payable in USD, Thai baht, or Cambodian riel, cash only. If you get your visa on arrival, you must also submit a passport-sized photo.

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