Episode 9: Hiking Like a Boss With Kim Nelson

Bison in Yellowstone National park. Photo by Daniel Mayer.

Bison in Yellowstone National park. Photo by Daniel Mayer.

We here at XX, Will Travel have no qualms about jet-setting around the world, hopping on trains, hitting the road and traipsing around cities. But actually interacting with nature? That’s a whole other issue. Which is why we invited our friend Kim Nelson to sit down with us and talk about the wonders of camping and hiking. Her adventures were so inspiring, we very well might grab a backpack and set up a tent in the near future.

Interested? Listen to our latest episode to hear Kim’s tips and recommendations for getting started as hiker, keeping up with hygiene and facing strange encounters with bison–and living to tell the tale. You can find all this and much more below:


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