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The ladies of XX, Will Travel have been quite busy lately. Weddings! Music Festivals! Weekend getaways! Planning more travel! Therefore, we are taking the briefest of breaks to regroup and come back with fresh new content for our listeners.

In the meantime, take advantage of the lazy days of summer to catch up on all our episodes:

Episode 1: Meet the Ladies!

Episode 2: Public Transportation and You!

Episode 3: The Insider’s Guide to Chicago

Episode 4: Declarations of Independence

Episode 5: How to Survive International Weddings

Episode 6: Oh, Canada: A Tribute to Our Neighbor to the North

We’re also going to be recording upcoming episodes on how to pick a great travel partner, a guide to Washington DC, and literary travel inspirations. Have tips, suggestions or great story about any of these topics? Email us at xxwilltravel[at]gmail[dot]com and we might use your valuable wisdom on our podcast.

Go forth and travel…and listen to our episodes.

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Episode 1: Meet the Ladies!


We have officially launched! The very first episode of the XX, Will Travel podcast is up. The co-hosts interview each other about the joys and challenges of solo traveling. Among other topics of discussion, Kyna talks about a politically incorrect pre-travel ritual, Kathy reminisces about a magical Turkish restaurant and Ines questions the validity of tight leather pants and blazers in LA.

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Go forth and travel!

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Austin, Or How To Celebrate A Solo Birthday Getaway After A Brutal Year


Gather round, readers, for we are about to get intimate.

32 was an awful, awful year for me. If you Google a list of Top 10 Stressful Life Events, I probably went through half of them or was dealing with the consequences of the other half. And though sheer will, friends and family, and a good dose of therapy (Hi, Dr. M!) have truly helped, the idea of spending my birthday in Chicago was a little too daunting for me. I needed to get away. I needed a vacation. I needed to go somewhere and forget that the previous 12 months had even existed.

But how does one Eat, Pray, Love a place without a $200,000 advance and the privilege of taking an entire year off from their day job? My 401(k) plan won’t feed itself, yo. I’m glad you asked! Since time immemorial, I have used travel as a way to take a break from dealing with life’s problems. This year was no different. Here is my 5-step plan for literally and metaphorically getting away from your problems.

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