Meet Doris McTyre, DC Connoisseur


For this Wednesday’s episode on Washington, DC, we turned to Chicago funny lady, world traveler, and frequent DC visitor Doris McTyre. Doris is a financial planner during the week and a try-most-things once adventurer on nights and weekends. She loves running (slowly), being outside, and has dabbled in stand-up and storytelling. In her golden years she would like to have a pet goat. You can follow her on Instagram at @luchadoris.

1) Where have you traveled?

Domestically I’ve been to most of the states; international travel – Mexico, England, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Aruba, Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador/Galapagos, China, and Japan.

2) What’s been your favorite trip so far?

I spent 9 days in Paris by myself when I was 20. I stayed in a hostel and ate in cafes or on park benches. Every night I would plan the next day’s activities from my guidebook and figure out which metro or bus routes to take. I had enough time to do pretty much all of the must-see attractions, plus some offbeat stuff like Les Puces des Clignancourt and The Catacombs. (These seemed offbeat to me at the time.) I found an English bookstore near the Louvre and bought a copy of “The Beautiful and Damned” by F. Scott Fitzgerald because I thought that was an appropriate thing to read while in Paris. It was my first time alone for an extended period of time and I loved it.

But the first trip I remember – at all, and also very fondly – was when my parents took me to the Yucatan Peninsula when I was 2. I bit through a thin water goblet at a fancy restaurant with a big mural, and in a separate incident, barfed up a Frescolita on my dad while on a ferry. We visited many Mayan ruins, of which I quickly tired, and my dad tried to keep it fun by saying “choc-mooooool” in a creepy voice over and over again. Sometimes he still does, but I appreciate it a bit more now than I did at the time.

3) What are 3 things you always take with you when you travel?

An extra pair of underwear and a toothbrush in my carry-on, Imodium and laxatives (you never know which one you might need!), and BodyGlide. So that’s 5 things; I cheated.

4) What’s your next destination?

This winter I’m going to Austin for a weekend to run a half-marathon, and about a month later I’m going to Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam for two weeks. There’s an elephant camp in Chiang Mai where you can be an elephant’s keeper for a day, so my life will basically be complete after that.

5) Give us 1 reason why you travel.

Carpe diem! I am healthy and able-bodied, I have the means (which has not always been the case), I don’t have kids, I have ample PTO, and my husband is a great travel buddy. I have always been curious about how the rest of the world lives/works/relaxes, and it also helps to keep things in perspective when I come home.

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Episode 12: Traveler Gratitude: Acts of Kindness on the Road


Turkey 2

Sometimes travel can be a lonely experience, even lonelier when things go wrong with no one to call for help. In honor of American Thanksgiving, Kathy and Ines talk turkey about the kindness of strangers encountered while traveling. Listener submitted stories, as well as a few from Kathy and Ines, show that compassion is alive and well in an age when the world seems ever more chaotic.

The ladies also touch upon how you can help wayward tourists, the rise in popularity and ethical concerns of voluntourism, and the Paris attacks.

Click here to listen.

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XX, Will Travel Launch Party!

ca. 1952 --- Postcard --- Image by © Lake County Museum/CORBIS

ca. 1952 — Postcard — Image by © Lake County Museum/CORBIS

Join us as we celebrate the official launch of XX, Will Travel, a podcast for independent women travelers!

The festivities will be held on Thursday, May 28th at 6:30 pm at Celtic Crown Public House at 4301 N. Western Ave in Chicago.

$5 suggested donation includes:

  • Live music courtesy of White Mule
  • Travel-themed storytelling from Ines, Kathy, Kyna, and special guest Elizabeth Gomez
  • Travel Trivia for a chance to win tickets to the Music Box Theatre and The Laugh Factory, a travel journal, and more
  • Unlimited high-fives

Hope to see you there!

– Kathy, Kyna, and Ines
(in case you couldn’t tell from the picture!)

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Indianapolis, the Portland of the Midwest

I’m a slow runner, and will never win more than a participant medal, but I enjoy it. Also, when it comes to exercise do you ever win at yoga or on the elliptical? The only win is being healthier, and if you find a physical activity that you like, you are successful.

Being a back of the pack runner, I choose races where I can have a good time on the course, so the first weekend in May I headed 3 ½ hours southeast of Chicago to Indianapolis for the Indy-Mini Marathon. My friend, Jenny, and I decided to meet up and do this race together. Or if you want to be more accurate, hang out at the starting line together and then meet up after the race. Jenny is super fast.

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A Travel Manifesto


The two of us have a lot in common. We suffer from Middle Child Syndrome. (It’s a thing, promise). We bear the hilarious burdens of Catholic upbringings. We like performing and telling stories in front of live audiences, mostly because they provided a limited time slot in which people pay attention to us…so we can later lurk in the background, where we feel a bit more comfortable. But the thing that might unite us the most is our love for independent travel. And in that aspect of our life we are fearless.

Which is why we decided to start the XX, Will Travel podcast. We realized that, despite the major advances women have made in recent history, traveling alone can still be seen as taboo. We want to challenge the perception of female travel as a scary and foolish endeavor, and show instead the enriching life experience it can be.

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