Traveling With Parents? We Want Your Stories, Tips, and Questions.


Our relationship with our parents is a rich and varied landscape. Or an emotional minefield. Or a plateau of polite conversations with tense undercurrents. Or a valley of joy and fulfillment. Whatever scenario you happen to fall in, it’s safe to say that traveling with them brings all these dynamics as extra baggage to your trip. But your vacation doesn’t have to be a Freudian nightmare. We’re here to help!

For an upcoming episode, we’re talking about the emotional journeys you have when you vacation with your folks, and we want your thoughts. Are you planning a trip with your parents and wondering how to deal? Have you taken a trip with your parents and have ways to cope? Would you never take a trip with your parents? We want to hear it all!

Send us your questions, thoughts and stories at by March 31, 2017. You can also comment on Facebook, tweet at us on Twitter, share on Instagram or post below. And if you’re interested in more calls for upcoming episodes, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

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