Want to Be a Guest?

Are you a woman or someone who identifies as a woman who would like to be a guest on XX, Will Travel? Send us a pitch to XXWillTravel[at]gmail[dot]com. Pitches should include:

  • Why you think you’d be a great guest on this podcast for independent women travelers
  • Your proposed topic and what makes you an expert on this topic
  • Your social media handles so we can see if you’re a good fit for our show
  • If you’re a blogger, include your stats
  • How to reach you (Seriously. You’d be surprised.)

Before you pitch…

  • Listen to a few episodes to get a feel for our show
  • Review our list of past episodes so you don’t pitch something that’s already been covered
  • Peruse our social media accounts to soak up our vibe
  • Subscribe to our newsletter which may contain occasional calls for pitches/contribution opportunities for specific topics

Please don’t pitch us:

  • A topic that’s already been covered (duh!)
  • If you’re a dude
  • The topic of women’s safety while traveling. Here’s why: Everyone loves to pitch this topic to us, and we have very mixed feelings about devoting an entire episode to women’s safety. We acknowledge that it is important and that women do have special needs in terms of safety while traveling. And if you’ve listened to the show, you know that we do discuss the issue if it comes up organically in conversation, which is quite often. We think that focusing so much on safety and not on the joys of traveling is a major deterrent to women hitting the road – and also that men who travel do not get the same safety lectures (or victim blaming if something does go wrong) as women adventurers when men can be targeted just as easily. So basically, we’re aware of the importance of women’s safety while traveling, acknowledge the topic when it comes up and prefer to focus on the benefits of travel, not the deterrents.