You’ve Got Mail!


Social media is so 2015. So how would you like to receive a piece of mail from the gals at XX, Will Travel? That’s right – an actual postcard from our journeys. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Leave us a review on our iTunes page. By review, we mean a comment like “You’re so much cooler than Rick Steves!” and not just a star rating. Creativity will be rewarded! You can also subscribe to the podcast while you’re there.
  2. Send us your iTunes user name, your real name and your address via direct message on any of our social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram – or email at xxwilltravel[at]gmail[dot]com. We won’t distribute your info or use it for nefarious purposes. Feel free to follow us, too!
  3. We’ll send you a postcard from one of our trips. Some may be more exotic than others. But it will always be a surprise.

Be sure to tag us on social media to let us know you got your postcard.

Go forth and travel!

– Kathy & Ines



8 thoughts on “You’ve Got Mail!

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